Armas EXPERT-100 - Siren & PA with Lightbar Control- Sirène 100 watts 5 tons avec mégaphone et contrôleur de bar lumineuse à LED filaire

Siren & PA with Lightbar Control EXPERT-100

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Sirène 100 watts avec contrôleur de bar lumineuse à LED filaire - Siren & PA with Lightbar Control (with wired remote control)

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Evaluation :
  • Siren & PA with Lightbar Control EXPERT-100

  • The opportunity to communicate with other warning groups thanks to RS232 commucation protocol
  • Working in accordance with the lightbars and lightbars control feature
  • Siren warning, announcing and lighting warning systems with hand control unit
  • Displaying light system flash mode with lightbar simulation LEDs
  • Automatical activation of lightbars in case of wail, yelp and manuel siren warnings
  • Remote control unit with PU type spiral cable easy to plug in and off
  • Siren blocking feature in high voltage
  • LED indicator of battery level (low battery level – high battery level)
  • Siren warning with double click of PTT
  • External siren connection
  • Wail, Yelp, Manuel, Horn, Hi-Lo (or Phaser) Siren types
  • External signal input (external audio)
  • External signal level setting


  • 12VDC or 24VDC Operation voltages
  • Siren power: 100 W RMS
  • Frekans response: ± 3 dB, between 300Hz–10.000Hz.
  • SAE J1849

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